Brandon’s Vodka rated 2nd in the world!

We’ve worked really hard to make the best vodka we could and it looks like the experts agree.

Here’s a link to the review.

Finalist – 93 – Brandon’s Vodka United States, 40%, $29.99
Excellent, Highly Recommended
USC Judging Chairman Paul Pacult’s tasting notes: A rich and multilayered aroma of oils and spice; taste profile features long, near-viscous textures and flavors of light spice and clean, smooth neutral spirit.

The purpose of Ultimate Spirits Challenge is to identify, recognize and reward those products which stand out in their respective categories, showing superior quality. Multiple panels of the highest-qualified experts blind-tasted each entry by classification in appropriately grouped flights within each major spirits category, scoring each on the 100-point scale. Products that scored 90 points or higher were then evaluated blind once again, in newly-created groupings by a different panel of judges. Top scoring products were then reviewed again to determine a select group of finalists with the category’s highest-scorer being awarded a Chairman’s Trophy accolade.