Desert Island Tea

Desert Island Tea
2 oz Rock Town Peach Lightning
4 oz ginger peach tea
1 sprig of basil

Serve over ice in glass of your choice (we love the copper mugs for our icy beverages).

For ginger peach tea, you can go buy it premade or make your own. We started with a green tea, used an infuser to infuse the fresh ginger, and then added fresh peach slices and basil leaves.

If there is one thing almost every Arkansan loves, it is tea. Tea never gets old. But just in case anyone was looking for a new summer take on tea, this drink is it! A fantastic, fresh tea that leaves you wanting to drink the whole pitcher. We call it Desert Island Tea because if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one drink, it just might be this one! And Ginger always belongs on an island, right?