Rock Town’s Single Barrel Four Grain Sour Mash Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey is bottled from a single barrel hand selected by our head distiller at cask strength. Aged and bottled at our distillery in Little Rock, Arkansas, it was double distilled from a mash of Arkansas grown corn, wheat, rye and malted barley. The mash is “soured” by using part of the previous batch’s stillage to start the Sour Mash Bourbon cook.

73% Corn
9% Rye
9% Wheat
9% Malted Barley

As with all our whiskies, our Single Barrel Four Grain Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey is made from grain to glass right here at the distillery in Little Rock. We’re makers not fakers.


2020 Whiskey Bible 95.5/100

Jim Murray’s Tasting Notes from the 2020 Whiskey Bible:
Such busy small grains at work here: the nose is positively twitching as it tries to keep track. The corn oils appear to add only sweetness while the tannins and grains work an improbably complex magic; you know what I said about the nose: well, apply exactly the same here. None of the heftiness or intensity of their cask 7. Just dashing grains enchanting you with their every move; soft mocha and custard; a few months ago I was in Little Rock, but my insane schedule – plus some ill luck with the car I had hired – meant I had no time to visit the distillery. Next time I shall somehow engineer a day or two. Because what they are achieving at this distillery deserves all the publicity it can get.