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Nice story on Rock Town and Arkansas Lightning by First Arkansas News:

Rock Town and Arkansas Lightning
By: Ethan C. Nobles 26 January 2011 No Comment

The scrappy crew at Little Rock’s own Rock Town Distillery have a new product — Arkansas Lightning — and you’re invited to the release party on Saturday (Jan. 29).

What is Rock Town Distillery? We posted an article about the company here at First Arkansas News back in June, but here’s a brief recap — Phil Brandon, a former Alltel executive, started the brewery last year. He said it was the first Arkansas distillery to be built since prohibition and hopes Natural State citizens embrace a local business that makes quality stuff.

Brandon’s seen some success for sure. The company started shipping gin and vodka in August and the company’s products can be found in 109 liquor stores in Arkansas and 49 bars and restaurants (click here for a list of where Rock Town is sold). Brandon emphasizes using Arkansas products whenever possible and there’s not a thing wrong with that.

In addition to gin and vodka, the company is also aging bourbon. While gin and vodka can be stilled relatively quickly, Brandon said bourbon takes time and the company’s first batch of that liquor won’t be available until spring. That’s where Arkansas Lightning comes into play (remember — that’s Arkansas Lightning, not white lightning).

Brandon said he’s gotten a lot of requests for bourbon over the months, but the company has been unable to sell any because it’s not through the aging process. Rock Town, then, has decided to do the next best thing — release the liquor that is eventually distilled into bourbon before it enters the aging process. Arkansas Lightening is made from corn and wheat grown here in the Natural State (of course) and is 125-proof.

Want to see a “spec sheet” for Arkansas Lightning? Click here and you’ve got it. By the way, White Lightning goes on sale Feb. 7 and will cost $14.99 per bottle.

Intrigued? Interested in supporting and Arkansas business? Want to head to the Arkansas Lightning release party? It will be held at 9 p.m. on Jan. 29 at Rock Town’s facility at 1216 E. 6th St. in downtown Little Rock. It costs $10 to get in at the door or $5 for people who have the foresight to email an RSVP to

Want more information? Click here for the Facebook page for the event, here for the Rock Town site and here for the company’s blog.