Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary
2 oz Rock Town Vodka
4 oz Bloody Mary Mix (you can make your own or buy a mix)

For this drink we have chosen lemon, lime, celery stalks, cucumber, jalapeno, olives, and pepper as our garnish but the great thing about Bloody Marys is that the garnish is up to you! Get creative! People garnish with everything from bacon to basil, and every Bloody Mary is a little different. Squeeze some lime over it for extra tang, or add your favorite hot sauce for some heat. Options are endless.

Add vodka and mix to ice, shake, garnish, and serve. The prep on this drink is only as hard as you make it. Feel free to infuse your vodka ahead of time, or make your own mix from scratch. Brunch weather is coming, there will be plenty of time to experiment!