Touring Rock Town Distillery with Phil Brandon

Tour times:

We’re open every day except Thanksgiving Day!

Monday through Friday tours at 2PM and 4PM
Saturday – tours at 1:30, 3PM and 4:30
Sunday – tours at 1:30 and 3PM.

Just show up a little before one of these times and you’ll be good to go!

Tasting Room and Gift Shop Hours:

1pm – 5pm Monday
1pm – 5pm Tuesday
1pm – 5pm Wednesday
11am – 5pm Thursday
11am – 5pm Friday
11am – 6pm Saturday
1pm – 6pm Sunday (yes we can sell on Sundays)

Rock Town was named one of the 10 Best Southern Distillery Tours by USA Today.  We were also named one of the top 25 Craft Distillery tours by the Daily Meal website.

Distillery tours are held 7 days a week (yes, you can buy bottles here on Sunday). Please see below for map and additional information.

No need to make a reservation, just show up!

Tour details

Little Rock CVB Touring Rock Town Distillery with Phil Brandon
Adults $7 / Kids free
Tour includes a tasting for those over 21 years of age.
During the guided tour we’ll take you through the whole process of making spirits… from grain to glass. From the grain that we get from Arkansas farmers to filling the bottles.

We’ll explain the origins of Bourbon, what makes Vodka – Vodka, and what is Gin anyway? These questions and many more are answered during the tour. The guided tour takes about 30 mins and at the end of the tour you’ll get to taste all of Rock Town’s award winning spirits.  Ask questions, learn about spirits and have fun while touring at Arkansas’ first “legal” distillery since prohibition.

Map to get to the distillery.

Rock Town Distillery 

1216 E 6th Street
Little Rock, AR 72212