Challenge Coin Information

How it works

Ask one of staff to register your debit or credit card in our system or sign-up online. When you spend with that registered debit or credit card at Rock Town, you earn points!

$1 = 1 point

Once you have earned 500 points, you will receive one of our custom Rock Town Challenge Coins. Presenting this challenge coin when checking out at Rock Town will knock 15% off of your total when purchasing bottles, cocktails, and other merchandise. (this does not include private events, private tours or other non-standard retail items) Coin must be presented to receive your discount. 

Every Anniversary weekend we issue a new challenge coin and your points total resets to zero.


Have some fun with our bartenders.

If you present your coin to one of our fantastic bartenders and they fail to present theirs to you, they owe you a pour of your spirit of choice!



  • 500 points = challenge coin
  • Points are reset every anniversary weekend
  • Challenge discount is good from time of receipt of coin until the next anniversary weekend
  • Coin must be presented to receive your discount. 

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