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Double Distilled in our Vendome copper pot still from a mashbill of 82% Arkansas Corn, 9% Arkansas Wheat and 9% malted barley. Each barrel of Rock Town’s Single Barrel Bourbon has been hand selected by our founder and head distiller, Phil Brandon for its delicious flavor profile.Bottled at cask strength, proof varies from 112 to 115. 750ml.

Double distilled from a mash of 73% Arkansas grown corn, 9% wheat, 9% rye and malted barley. The mash is “soured” by using part of the previous batch’s stillage to start the Sour Mash Bourbon cook. 92 Proof. 750ml.

Rock Town’s bourbon cream is a rich, sweet blend of real cream and our very own Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey. It’s great neat, on the rocks or in hot coffee. 34 Proof. 750ml.

Rock Town Distillery’s Coffee Liqueur is handmade by traditional methods, one small batch at a time. Blended with cold brewed coffee made from Leiva’s Arkansas roasted Guatemalan Coffee beans. Leiva’s uses profits to help improve the lives of their coffee growers and their families in Guatemala. 40 proof. 750ml.

Our Grapefruit Vodka is a delicious blend of our Rock Town Vodka and ruby red grapefruit. Fresh and citrusy, it’s great with club soda and a lime wedge or with ginger beer and lime for a grapefruit mule. Gluten Free. 70 proof. 1.75L.

Rock Town Vodka is our answer to an affordable hand crafted mixable vodka. Distilled 6 times from corn and filtered to be ultra smooth. It’s the smoothest vodka you’ll ever try. Distilled from Corn Rock Town Vodka is naturally gluten free. 80 proof. 1.75L.

Our Lemon Vodka is a delicious blend of our Rock Town Vodka with all natural lemon. It is perfect with club soda, in a lemon martini, a lemon drop cocktail or simply over ice. Gluten Free. 70 proof. 1.75L.

Our Mandarin Orange Vodka is a delicious blend of our Rock Town Vodka and satsuma, a Japanese mandarin variety.  It has a honey-sweet flavor with appealing tartness and complexity.  It’s great when mixed with cream soda for an Orange Dreamsicle cocktail. Gluten Free. 70 proof. 1.75L.

Our Watermelon Vodka is a great summertime refresher.  Great with club soda or on its own, it’s sure to bring back childhood memories of eating watermelon out on the picnic table. 70 proof. 1.75L.

Our Basil Vodka is a blend of African blue basil and our Rock Town Vodka.  Fresh and aromatic with hints of pepper, anise and mint, it’s great when mixed with lemonade or in a bloody mary. Gluten Free. 70 proof. 1.75L.

Hand crafted in small batches from all natural orange for a fresh squeezed taste and mouth-watering orange aroma. Great for mixing in margaritas, cosmopolitans, or your favorite cocktail. Goes great in a margarita! 60 proof. 750ml

Hand crafted in small batches from all natural elderflower and honey. We vacuum distilled Arkansas grown elderflower petals to create the fresh floral aromas and taste. Great for mixing in martinis, mules, or your favorite cocktail.

Hand crafted in small batches from all natural ginger beer for a warm, spicy ginger beer finish. Great for mixing in Martinis, whiskey sours, or your favorite cocktail. 56 proof. 750ml

Hand crafted in small batches from all natural cacao. We steeped cacao nibs to create the rich chocolate taste and aroma. Great for mixing in chocolate martinis, grass hoppers or your favorite cocktail. 48 proof. 750ml

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