Cognac Cask Single Malt

Small Batch, Hand Crafted

Proof: 92

Mashbill: Brewer's pale malt, Brown malt, 2-row malt, and peated malt

Distillation: Double Distilled

Barrel Type: 53 gallon and Cognac Puncheons

Aging: 4 years


Double distilled in our copper potstill and aged for 2 years in
ex-bourbon casks and finished for 2 more years in
500L ex-cognac puncheons.

Blended from distillate from these two mashbills:

Mash bill 1
72.5 % Brewers pale malt
5.7% Crisp Brown malt
10.4% Briess 2-row malt
11.4% Simpsons Peated malt

Mash bill 2

83% Brewers pale malt
5.2% Crisp Brown malt
11.8% Briess 2-row malt

COCKTAILS WITH Cognac Cask Single Malt

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